You’ll have to wait one more day…

I had an 800 word blog almost done, fell asleep typing, and lost the whole damned thing, so you’re going to have to wait one more freaking day.

Mental note – save the draft while you’re writing it.

In the meantime, here’s The Avett Brothers. Seeing them live is one of my post op goals (hopefully at Red Rocks-a girl can dream!).

The Avett Brothers – Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise

My daughter Mariah got a tattoo of a lighthouse (for my Dad – I miss you!) with the lyrics from this song “Decide what to be and go be it” incorporated into it.  That line means a great deal to me now. I decided to be healthy, and am taking the steps I need to so I can be.

And with that, I am away.

Be kind, rewind.

Linda ❤


1 to 10 in 7 days. Is that new math?

Let me preface this post with this – I’m having my EGD on Monday, so no ibuprofen until Monday afternoon. I HURT. I’m trying not to be growly, but sometimes…’s hard.

Back to the post. Today was busy. I had to go to our Seneca office first thing this morning to have a little meeting with the staff about some of our EMR Meaningful Use stuff, so I had my protein shake on the way. I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat a legit breakfast (and don’t most days) so the Breakfast Shake has become routine. Of course, I burped protein for the whole drive down, but I’ll live.

The doctor was late for the meeting (she forgot about it) but otherwise I think it went well. By 10:20am, I was on the road back to the main office (about 60 miles, one way). It was a beautiful drive, and I only got stuck in road construction twice. For those of you unfamiliar with Pennsylvania, we have two season – Winter and Road Construction.

I was back in Warren by noon.  I worked on a couple little things I had left from the day before, took care of some emails and spend the next couple of hours checking insurance eligibilities – 120 medical and 60 vision, give or take. Took me the better part of the afternoon. Then I opened our mail which was thankfully very light today. About a dozen patient payment checks and a letter for the ASC director. Easy Peasy. I deposited the checks, and started in on the next day’s eligibilities.

I had another visit with the nutritionist after work. This every Wednesday afternoon right after work thing seems to work out well for both of us. We went over the good, the bad and the ugly in my food diary (mostly good, but I do love a baked potato!) and chatted a bit about our kids and life in general. When we had our first conversation, she told me she was struggling to get everything set up with her new venture running her own business, because she just wanted to help people eat healthier. She doesn’t much care of the billing part of it. I told her that I would help as much as I could, and she thought that was great, until a week later, when she left a voicemail saying that she appreciated my offer, but she has gotten in touch with her dietician association and they were supposed to be helping her. I figured, no harm no foul, I’ll just go to my appointment. After last week’s one pound loss and my subsequent crying, she thought it would be better to meet weekly. That’s why I went to today. She told me that she’s still struggling with the billing part of it, and if I was still willing to help her, we could take it out in trade. That means I won’t have to come up with $20 a week to see her! Awesomeness!

So once we got that squared away, it was time for the scales. I told her I wasn’t going to get my hopes up. That I had done as well as I could with the groceries in my house.  I stepped on the scale and waited for her (the scale) to tell me my weight.

475  pounds.

I lost ten pounds this week! I am super stoked, and so was Pam! She told me I was definitely doing something right, and to keep up the good work! We made an appointment for next Wednesday, same time, same station.

10 pounds!! I felt soooo much better after this week’s weigh in. Friday is payday, so I’ll make a grocery list with some of the food items she suggested (garbanzo and white beans for protein, rolled oats to make my own granola, more fresh produce to use to make my pastaless primavera with summer squash and zucchini with cherry tomatoes and chicken that I love love love in the summertime!) along with a shaker and protein powder so I can try my hand at making my own shakes.

Also, I’m considering a Sam’s Club membership because I know the protein shakes/powder can be found much cheaper there. We’ll see what the bank account says once the bills are paid.

All in all, a pretty damn good day! Let’s hope next week’s weigh in goes as well as this one!

Have a great day, and don’t forget to be kind….always!

Linda ❤

And now back to our regular programming….

Well, thankfully, it appears yesterday’s piss poor attitude was a fluke. I’m still sore today, but I’m not in a crappy mood!

I think part of my issue was caffeine. As in, I haven’t had any since Thursday. Nor have I had anything carbonated either. That’s right…

I have stopped drinking Diet Pepsi.


I know, I know. Impossible to believe. I’ve been drinking it since I was a kid. I can remember the 8 packs of glass bottles, and how if we were good, mom would let my brother, sister and I split one. It was always such a huge deal to us-whoever poured, the other got to choose. (And Carl was pretty much screwed either way.)

Well, I’m done. The plan was to cut down to 1 20 ounce bottle a day for a week. Then have one every other day. Then, in the third week, cut it out completely. Well, screw that! I’m going all in. And I haven’t had any tea either. Just good old water. Mariah bought me a pretty pink 28 ounce water bottle (with no straw so I can get used to that, too), so I know if I fill it up two and a half times, I’ve got my 64 ounces plus for the day. I just filled up for the third time today, and added some lemon to it. Unfortunately, I’ve peed 10 times so far, so at least that’s extra steps (to the bathroom!).

If I haven’t mentioned it before, my mother is a smart cookie! I was complaining to her about the “proteiny” taste and smell my shakes had, and she suggested drinking them over ice! Brilliant! But I took it one better, and put it in the freezer!  They go down sooo much easier when they’re super cold. The first one took me almost an hour drink, but now I can get one down in about 20 minutes. Major breakthrough.

I still haven’t been able to get much exercise, aside from my half hourly jaunts to the potty, but I’ve been doing some lifts so that I’m at least doing SOMETHING.  I’ve decided that when my budget allows, I’m going to get some resistance bands. I think they’ll be easier on my joints than anything else I can come up with at this point.

And I’m struggling over something. There is a part of me that WANTS to post my starting weight, as an incentive to lose. However, there is also a big part of me that is really apprehensive about it, because it’s a number that’s hard for me to look at, especially since I’m just getting started. I’m thinking I might wait until my first weigh-in and see how I did the first month, so I have weeks yet to think about it. If  I don’t do it now, I know I’m going to do it at some point. I NEED to see it, regardless of how bad it hurts to look at it.

Enjoy the rest of you Sunday. Be kind and love one another.

Linda ❤

PS – Special shout out to Angela – Thanks so much for the blender! I’m sorry Tori hasn’t picked it up yet, but she will! You rock!

Weekend Update

This week seemed to fly by for me. Aside from work being,well, work, I got some things accomplished.

I posted the other day that I was going to try to get some of my weight loss surgery stuff done. And I did. I had called about the local bariatric support group, about setting up my nutritionist visit, and my psych eval. I received a return call from the nutritionist that day, and set up my first appointment with her on May 27, as she will be unavailable. I liked her though. She seemed nice, and easy to talk to. I think that will make things a lot easier for me. She also said that she has a small support group she’s just started, which if I can manage it, I’d like to attend.

Speaking of support groups, while I was at work yesterday, I got a call from the leader of the bariatric support group that meets at the hospital. They meet the third Monday of each month, (this month will be the 18th) and I think the woman in charge is great. We talked for 15 or 20 minutes on the phone and I think shes fantastic already.  She was also a patient of Dr Ali, and thinks that I made a great choice. I’m really looking forward to the first meeting. It will be the Monday after my trip to the surgeon, so I think I’ll need it.

I received a call back about my psych eval as well. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get it done locally. I’m going to call Northshore in Erie on Monday to set something up. The advantage to that, Val at UPMC told me, is that they do their evals in one visit, while some of the other regional providers do them in two or three. She said that the fact that I understand the “why this happened” part of it so early on is great, and will benefit me in the end.

I received another call yesterday. My sister called to tell me that my uncle passed away. (He had been my Dad’s best friend as they were growing up, and now I just imagine them together, playing golf.) My mom knows what a sap and crybaby I am about stuff like that, so she asked my sister to do it. When I got home from work, I called Ma to tell her that no, I had no fallen apart. Yes, I’m sad, but I’m okay. We had a very long, really nice talk, and she offered to go to Erie with me to my appointment with Dr Ali. I’m so happy she’s going. I could’ve gone alone and I would have been perfectly fine, but having my Mommy with me just makes me feel better. I love her so much…

So I’m home this weekend, staying off my knee and icing it often, doing my due diligence to learn as much about the weight loss surgery techniques available, so when I see Dr Ali on Wednesday, I can make an informed decision. I think it’s only fair to myself. This is my way of enjoying the #SummerOfLinda.

Take care, have fun and be kind to each other,

Linda ❤