A Non-Chipper Post

So, Mariah tells me that I post too many shiny, happy blogs, so here’s one that’s not so shiny and happy.



How I’ve felt since I went off liquids.

Seriously. When is this shit going to stop? I can’t even raise my head off the pillow in the morning without feeling like I’m going to hurl. I’m eating Zofran like candy. (Not really, but I am taking them 3 times a day.) Until about 6 or 7 everyday, I feel like I can’t keep anything down. And when I do eat, most of the time it feels like it’s making the express trip back up. Most times it doesn’t, but occasionally, I get to see dinner a second time.

On top of everything, I got some sort of viral stomach bug that hit me Thursday night, so I spent Thursday night and Friday down for the count. And by down for the count, I mean REALLY sick. At least it seems to have passed. I am still feeling weak, but I felt weak before the flu hit.

I know this is all just temporary, and will pass in time. But for right now, this is really no fun at all.

Rant over. Continue on with your day.


Linda ❤


Life’s a roller coaster ride!!

The last couple of weeks have been a real roller coaster for me. Up and down. Feeling like crap. It hasn’t been a banner month for me! But here’s hoping we’ve turned a corner…

For those of you that were unaware, the last several weeks, I’ve been having real issues with edema – fluid retention. I was careful to cut down on sodium (which I’d already done) and I was drinking upwards of 2+ gallons of water a day, and it seemed to take up residence in my legs.  I’ve always been pretty thick in the calves and such, but I devloped some flat out cankles.

For those of you unfamiliar with the cankle.

For those of you unfamiliar with the cankle.

When I went to my July 15 weigh in, I was just starting to notice the swelling, and that week, I lost 4 lbs. I was a little disappointed, because I expected it to be more, as I had gained a week previous, and I was busting my ass to stick with the plan. My RD told me to not fret, losing 4 lbs in a week was a big deal, so I brushed it off and was determined about next weeks weight in.

The following week, on July 22, I gained 5 lbs, almost topping 480 again. I was devastated! But my RD thought it was the fluid, and suggested I call my doctor (PCP) the next day. I went home, had a “fuck you” moment, and ate a entire container of hummus. At least it wasn’t ice cream!

The next day, I called Dr. Popescu’s office and talked to a nurse. I explained what was going on with my fluid retention, and how it was affecting my weigh ins, so I started taking my HCTZ again, knowing it is a diuretic and hoping it might help. She told me she’d talk to him and call me back.

The next day, I got a return call from the office. The first thing she did was scold me for not taking my meds correctly. (I call bullshit on that; I told him 2 months before that I’d stopped the HCTZ because it makes me pee like a racehorse, and sometimes, I’m slow getting to the potty! I refuse to have an accident at work!!) Second, she was going to call me in scripts for a fluid pill and potassium, and I had to change my blood pressure medicine. She then made an appointment for me for next Tuesday afternoon so that he can follow up with me.

Here is the final tally of my current meds from ALL my doctors:

Lisinopril – 40mg per day (up from 20mg)

HCTZ – 25mg per day

Pantoprazole – 40mg per day (Dr Ali prescribed after the EGD)

Iburopren – 800mg three times per day (my little bit of heaven from Ortho)

Lasix – 40mg twice per day

Klor-Con – 20mg a day while I’m taking the lasix.

He prescribed the lasix for only seven days, presumably so he can see how I’m doing before deciding to write a new script for me. Strangely, the potassium is a full month plus two refills? Whodawhatsit?

The plus side to my new career as a pill popper is that they seem to be working!! The edema has gone down considerably in the last two weeks or so, and that’s a good thing, despite the fact that I pee every fourteen minutes.

I had my weekly weigh in after work today and I lost…


Thank you, Lasix, for becoming my new best friend!!

That being said, I’m now less than 20 pounds from my pre-op goal. That makes me a happy girl! And I don’t want to jinx anything, but I haven’t used my cane at work the last two days. Shhhhh!!!

1 to 10 in 7 days. Is that new math?

Let me preface this post with this – I’m having my EGD on Monday, so no ibuprofen until Monday afternoon. I HURT. I’m trying not to be growly, but sometimes…..it’s hard.

Back to the post. Today was busy. I had to go to our Seneca office first thing this morning to have a little meeting with the staff about some of our EMR Meaningful Use stuff, so I had my protein shake on the way. I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat a legit breakfast (and don’t most days) so the Breakfast Shake has become routine. Of course, I burped protein for the whole drive down, but I’ll live.

The doctor was late for the meeting (she forgot about it) but otherwise I think it went well. By 10:20am, I was on the road back to the main office (about 60 miles, one way). It was a beautiful drive, and I only got stuck in road construction twice. For those of you unfamiliar with Pennsylvania, we have two season – Winter and Road Construction.

I was back in Warren by noon.  I worked on a couple little things I had left from the day before, took care of some emails and spend the next couple of hours checking insurance eligibilities – 120 medical and 60 vision, give or take. Took me the better part of the afternoon. Then I opened our mail which was thankfully very light today. About a dozen patient payment checks and a letter for the ASC director. Easy Peasy. I deposited the checks, and started in on the next day’s eligibilities.

I had another visit with the nutritionist after work. This every Wednesday afternoon right after work thing seems to work out well for both of us. We went over the good, the bad and the ugly in my food diary (mostly good, but I do love a baked potato!) and chatted a bit about our kids and life in general. When we had our first conversation, she told me she was struggling to get everything set up with her new venture running her own business, because she just wanted to help people eat healthier. She doesn’t much care of the billing part of it. I told her that I would help as much as I could, and she thought that was great, until a week later, when she left a voicemail saying that she appreciated my offer, but she has gotten in touch with her dietician association and they were supposed to be helping her. I figured, no harm no foul, I’ll just go to my appointment. After last week’s one pound loss and my subsequent crying, she thought it would be better to meet weekly. That’s why I went to today. She told me that she’s still struggling with the billing part of it, and if I was still willing to help her, we could take it out in trade. That means I won’t have to come up with $20 a week to see her! Awesomeness!

So once we got that squared away, it was time for the scales. I told her I wasn’t going to get my hopes up. That I had done as well as I could with the groceries in my house.  I stepped on the scale and waited for her (the scale) to tell me my weight.

475  pounds.

I lost ten pounds this week! I am super stoked, and so was Pam! She told me I was definitely doing something right, and to keep up the good work! We made an appointment for next Wednesday, same time, same station.

10 pounds!! I felt soooo much better after this week’s weigh in. Friday is payday, so I’ll make a grocery list with some of the food items she suggested (garbanzo and white beans for protein, rolled oats to make my own granola, more fresh produce to use to make my pastaless primavera with summer squash and zucchini with cherry tomatoes and chicken that I love love love in the summertime!) along with a shaker and protein powder so I can try my hand at making my own shakes.

Also, I’m considering a Sam’s Club membership because I know the protein shakes/powder can be found much cheaper there. We’ll see what the bank account says once the bills are paid.

All in all, a pretty damn good day! Let’s hope next week’s weigh in goes as well as this one!

Have a great day, and don’t forget to be kind….always!

Linda ❤