A Non-Chipper Post

So, Mariah tells me that I post too many shiny, happy blogs, so here’s one that’s not so shiny and happy.



How I’ve felt since I went off liquids.

Seriously. When is this shit going to stop? I can’t even raise my head off the pillow in the morning without feeling like I’m going to hurl. I’m eating Zofran like candy. (Not really, but I am taking them 3 times a day.) Until about 6 or 7 everyday, I feel like I can’t keep anything down. And when I do eat, most of the time it feels like it’s making the express trip back up. Most times it doesn’t, but occasionally, I get to see dinner a second time.

On top of everything, I got some sort of viral stomach bug that hit me Thursday night, so I spent Thursday night and Friday down for the count. And by down for the count, I mean REALLY sick. At least it seems to have passed. I am still feeling weak, but I felt weak before the flu hit.

I know this is all just temporary, and will pass in time. But for right now, this is really no fun at all.

Rant over. Continue on with your day.


Linda ❤


11 thoughts on “A Non-Chipper Post

    • I mentioned the nausea a couple of weeks ago, and was told that because of my “rapid fat burn”, my sniffer and taster are out of whack, and it’ll take some time before they’re back to normal. They were the ones that told me to take the Zofran prophylactically, which I’ve been doing since. I just keep hoping tomorrow is the day I wake up and don’t feel like I’m going to barf before I lift my head up!


  1. I had a surgery buddy who experienced the same length of time with the nausea. She says now (9 months out) that it feels like ages ago. I guess that’s my way of saying that once it pasts, you will quickly move past it. Just hang in there until you get there. Have you tried eating something sour when your stomach feels queasy? When I was pregnant (and believe me I know this isn’t the same) I warded off nausea and vomiting by sucking on something sour – sugar free candy or something. That always helped me anyway. Love to you, Linda.

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  2. Sorry you’re not feeling so hot. Is this part of the process, or not? I wish you well and hope it gets easier to deal. What about a pattern, is it certain foods, or the time you eat before sleeping, or even nerves? Happy thoughts

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    • The surgeon’s office said it’s not abnormal. I wish there was a pattern, but there really isn’t. It doesn’t matter when I wake up, I’m nauseous every time. I’m just waiting for it to pass. That’s all I really can do, aside from the Zofran.


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