The Morning After

Its almost 12:30 on my first post op day. If I had talked to you 12 hours ago I never would have thought that I could or would feel this good. No joke.

Last night was rough. A lot of gas pain in surgery pain and I ended up sitting in a chair at 5:30 this morning because it felt better. I’ve been in the chair most of the time since then except for when I went down to radiology for my swallow test. No leaks!  Shortly after, I received a tray with jello, broth, lemonade and cranberry juice. I have to take in 4 oz of fluids an hour, and I’ve had 8 ounces so far. My goal to be discharged is 40 ounces. If I start at six tomorrow morning, I see no reason that I won’t his 40 by early evening!

I asked them to D/C my pain pump, because I was hardly using it. 4mls out of 30 in the syringe. Now I’m down to just one IV – a bag of ringers. The port in my right hand infiltrated last night, but no harm done.

The staff here has been amazing. Each and every one of them has gone out of their way to prove they are in the right professions. Special thanks to Michele, Jeff and Jamie. Last night was Jamie’s very first night here, and I teased him relentlessly. I told him he’d never forget me, to which he replied “you never forget your first” , and winked at me. He’s going to do fine!

Well I guess it’s time to get off he phone and back to the business at hand; breathing exercises, sipping, and walking!

Take care of yourselves,
Linda ❤


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