You’ll have to wait one more day…

I had an 800 word blog almost done, fell asleep typing, and lost the whole damned thing, so you’re going to have to wait one more freaking day.

Mental note – save the draft while you’re writing it.

In the meantime, here’s The Avett Brothers. Seeing them live is one of my post op goals (hopefully at Red Rocks-a girl can dream!).

The Avett Brothers – Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise

My daughter Mariah got a tattoo of a lighthouse (for my Dad – I miss you!) with the lyrics from this song “Decide what to be and go be it” incorporated into it.  That line means a great deal to me now. I decided to be healthy, and am taking the steps I need to so I can be.

And with that, I am away.

Be kind, rewind.

Linda ❤


I am a shitty blogger!

I’m sitting at the hospital, waiting to get wired up for part two of my epic Sleep Study series. I PROMISE that this weekend, I will post a legit, comprehensive blog. Really, I will! In the meantime, wish me luck!



It’s no wonder I’m tired all the damned time!!

I thought I’d post a quick update in regard to my “med mix up” and subsequent brain freakout this week, and had it all typed out, whether you wanted to read it or not. THEN I opened my mail, and my mind was BLOWN!

I mentioned earlier this week that I had called the Sleep Disorder Center, and they told me they’d sent a letter out, but since I was on the phone, and needed to schedule the secondary sleep study to get my CPAP reading taken care of, I just set it up then.

Here’s the body of the letter I got from them….


Dear Linda,

We are writing in regard to the sleep study that you had done with us on 7/20/2015. The study was positive for severe sleep apnea with a score of 68 episodes of apnea per hour.”

Let me stop right there. 68?!?!!? Seriously? Holy shit!

“The way the studies are scored is by the number of apneas per hour during the REM stage of sleep.”

The tech told me I had VERY brief periods of REM sleep during my study. I can attest to that, because I didn’t sleep well until the last two hours of the approximate seven hour study.

“0-4 is normal, 5-14 is mild, 15-29 is moderate and anything greater than 30 is severe.” 

Well ain’t that a kick in the pants?

“The next step is to come back for a second part of the study where Michelle puts the CPAP on you and adjusts the settings until she reaches the setting that is eliminating your apneas.”

Yay! Another night where I don’t sleep, then have to go to work all day! Can’t wait!

The rest goes on to tell me when they do the studies, and that I need to call and schedule, which I’ve already done.

Sigh. Well, hopefully, within the next few weeks, I’ll start getting a good night’s sleep. HOPEFULLY being the key word in that sentence.

In other news, I felt a billion times better today, now that the Lisinopril is back at the correct dosage. I didn’t use my cane today, only took one dose of Ibuprofen, and walked a few unnecessary trips up to the front of the surgery center I work at, just for the exercise. Let’s hope THAT trend continues!

So enjoy your weekend, and remember to be kind to each other!!

Linda <3<3