Life’s a roller coaster ride!!

The last couple of weeks have been a real roller coaster for me. Up and down. Feeling like crap. It hasn’t been a banner month for me! But here’s hoping we’ve turned a corner…

For those of you that were unaware, the last several weeks, I’ve been having real issues with edema – fluid retention. I was careful to cut down on sodium (which I’d already done) and I was drinking upwards of 2+ gallons of water a day, and it seemed to take up residence in my legs.  I’ve always been pretty thick in the calves and such, but I devloped some flat out cankles.

For those of you unfamiliar with the cankle.

For those of you unfamiliar with the cankle.

When I went to my July 15 weigh in, I was just starting to notice the swelling, and that week, I lost 4 lbs. I was a little disappointed, because I expected it to be more, as I had gained a week previous, and I was busting my ass to stick with the plan. My RD told me to not fret, losing 4 lbs in a week was a big deal, so I brushed it off and was determined about next weeks weight in.

The following week, on July 22, I gained 5 lbs, almost topping 480 again. I was devastated! But my RD thought it was the fluid, and suggested I call my doctor (PCP) the next day. I went home, had a “fuck you” moment, and ate a entire container of hummus. At least it wasn’t ice cream!

The next day, I called Dr. Popescu’s office and talked to a nurse. I explained what was going on with my fluid retention, and how it was affecting my weigh ins, so I started taking my HCTZ again, knowing it is a diuretic and hoping it might help. She told me she’d talk to him and call me back.

The next day, I got a return call from the office. The first thing she did was scold me for not taking my meds correctly. (I call bullshit on that; I told him 2 months before that I’d stopped the HCTZ because it makes me pee like a racehorse, and sometimes, I’m slow getting to the potty! I refuse to have an accident at work!!) Second, she was going to call me in scripts for a fluid pill and potassium, and I had to change my blood pressure medicine. She then made an appointment for me for next Tuesday afternoon so that he can follow up with me.

Here is the final tally of my current meds from ALL my doctors:

Lisinopril – 40mg per day (up from 20mg)

HCTZ – 25mg per day

Pantoprazole – 40mg per day (Dr Ali prescribed after the EGD)

Iburopren – 800mg three times per day (my little bit of heaven from Ortho)

Lasix – 40mg twice per day

Klor-Con – 20mg a day while I’m taking the lasix.

He prescribed the lasix for only seven days, presumably so he can see how I’m doing before deciding to write a new script for me. Strangely, the potassium is a full month plus two refills? Whodawhatsit?

The plus side to my new career as a pill popper is that they seem to be working!! The edema has gone down considerably in the last two weeks or so, and that’s a good thing, despite the fact that I pee every fourteen minutes.

I had my weekly weigh in after work today and I lost…


Thank you, Lasix, for becoming my new best friend!!

That being said, I’m now less than 20 pounds from my pre-op goal. That makes me a happy girl! And I don’t want to jinx anything, but I haven’t used my cane at work the last two days. Shhhhh!!!


3 thoughts on “Life’s a roller coaster ride!!

  1. You rock!!!! Keep it up Linda, you are doing awesome, I love reading your sarcasm on some of the stuff, it gives me a giggle but you already know your one funny woman!!!! LOL…..Looking forward to the next post! Here’s to feeling better and healthy!

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  2. That’s fantastic!!! I have never really had trouble with edema (well really no health issues at all) until about a month or two before surgery. My ankles and feet would be SO swollen!!! My toes would look like puffed up wieners shoved into my feet.😳 I am happy to say it was QUICKLY resolved after my surgery. Man, oh man! You’re gonna LOVE the changes after the sleeve!!!
    Keep it up sista!!! It’s almost time!

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