What I failed to mention….

After I posted last night about My Crappy Day, I realized that I didn’t go into much detail about the EKG. So here goes…

When Anita called me from UPMC Bariatrics, she told me that my EKG came back abnormal, and now they are insisting I have a cardiac clearance before my surgery. She asked if I had a cardiologist, to which I replied “ugh no. I’ve never had an issue with an EKG before!”, so she told me they would FIND me one, and have them call me with an appointment. This news did not thrill me. I’ve taken so much time off work so far, and I hate being at the mercy of a doctor’s office to make appointments for me. They always make them in the middle of the damn day, and I have to miss a ton of work!

So this morning, I called my PCP’s office to get his take on everything. I spoke to Karen, one of the nurses. After I told her my issue, and that I wanted Dr. Popescu’s take on things, she took my name and number and said she’d call back once she pulled my chart.

Twenty minutes later, she called. She said she was looking at my EKG, and said that Dr Popescu didn’t have a problem with it, that it was “within normal limits”. And he’s not just a Family Medicine doc, he’s an Internist. This is kinda his wheelhouse. So I asked Karen what I should do. I relayed my frustrations about missing so much work to which she replied “But it’s going to be so worth it!” – I’ve heard that a billion times so far.

Finally, I asked her this – if he thinks my EKG is okay, could he write a letter to Dr Ali telling him his opinion? I’m thinking that should be enough, right? Karen said she would talk everything over with him, and let me know what he said.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a call back today like I was hoping, but oh well. Everybody cross your fingers and toes that I won’t have to go to the cardiologist!

In the meantime, enjoy your holiday weekend safely. And remember – fireworks are fun, but there are vets out there who don’t do well with them, so keep in mind who’s around when you set them off.

Be kind to each other, always.

Linda ❤


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