That wasn’t so terrible, now was it?

It’s been pretty quiet on the home front, so I haven’t had much to post. I figured I’d wait until after my trip to Erie for my EGD today.

I ate dinner around 8:30 last night, and then had some water around 11:50, so I would be good to go NPO after midnight. Not going to lie – I’m so used to drinking so much, that by the time I woke up 6 this morning, I was ready for a drink of good ole H2O. Alas, it was not to be until about a.

My alarm went off early so I could call my Mom to make sure she was awake. There was no need, as her dog Lulu woke her up around 4 to get a drink and go out to pee, and then go back to bed. No such luck for Moms.  She told me she’d see me around 8, and I tried to go back to sleep, also failing miserably. I dicked around on the Book of Faces, and go into the shower around 7:40. (With my even shorter hair, my showers take no time at all.) I was out of the shower and in no time, and was pulling my dress over my head at 7:50 when I heard a knock on the door. It was Ma.

The trip to Erie was uneventful, save the fact that I got carsick. I was so nauseous! I thought it may have been nerves, but I got it on the way home too.

Anyhoo, my appointment at Hamot was at 10:00. We got to the valet station at 9:30.  They are remodeling the main entrance, so I had to trudge my fat ass down a few halls and around a few corners, but eventually I found registration. Five minutes after walking in, I was walking out, registered and sporting a lovely bracelet, and heading down to the ground floor to the Endoscopy suite.

I was officially checked into Endo at 9:50. The nurse went over my history, meds, etc. She handed me a cup and asked for a pregnancy test, and I laughed out loud at her, telling her I don’t have that equipment anymore. Yay! for not peenig on my hand!!! She gave me a bag to put my clothes in, and a lovely gown that was too small and told me I needed everything from the waist up off. I changed into my gown and sat down on the gurney to wait.

I’m guessing it was about ten minutes later that the nurse came in to start my IV. She was super nice and we made chit chat while she was sticking me. I told her I was kind of nervous about the procedure because I’d never done anything like that, and she told me no to worry. So I did my best to stay calm.

Once she left, I sat for a while, waiting for the person who was in my procedure room to finish up. (One of the nurses did come in to apologize for the delay, which I thought was pretty nice.)  Another nurse came in and gave me a blanket, which was nice because I was freezing!

Around 11, the girls came back to take me to my procedure room. We were joking about my cane and how hefty it is. One of the nurses asked me if I wanted to stick around and help knock some of the doctors into shape. I told them I was off work the rest of the day, so whatever I could to help. We were all laughing when we got to the room.

Dr Larson, the anesthesiologist, introduced himself to me when I got into the room. He told me the drug they’d use and how he’s monitor my vitals, etc. I’m not sure exactly how, but we ended up talking about Meaningful Use and  ICD-10. I know that UPMC is going to dual code ICD-9 and ICD-10. This is what happens when I get nervous and can’t stop talking!

They hooked me up to the monitors and put the BP cuff back on my arm, then told me to roll onto my left side.  That was about the time Dr Ali came in to talk to me. He went over my history again and asked how I’d been doing. He said it looked like I was getting a lot of my pre-op stuff done, and I told him I was; that aside from the support group meetings, dietician meetings (I’ve had two of the three required already), and the sleep study, everything else was already done. He commended me, and told me the procedure would take just a few minutes and then I’d be off to recovery. I told him I was nervous, but was sure I was in good hands. With that, they put the mouthguard in and in no time, I was out.

I guess it was about fifteen minutes later, I was in recovery. Melissa, the nurse, was taking my vitals, and asked how I felt. I told her I felt great and asked where my Mom was. I was in recovery for about 25 minutes. Matt, the adorable orderly, was wheeling me out to the truck at 12:10. Pretty good time, I think.

Once we left the hospital I called my sister to see when she’d be done with work, so we could connect to give her some fresh eggs from my mom’s chickens. She said it wouldnt be until after 2. With that, we were off to Applebee’s to find some grub (GF for my Mommy and not ridiculously out of bounds calorie-wise for me).  I had cedar grilled lemon chicken with granny smith apple salsa and quinoa and rice pilaf. Holy crap it was so freaking good! 43 g of protein and under 600 calories! Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Or lunch. Whatever.

My only beef with Applebee’s is that they don’t have GF selections listed in their menus. However, one of the servers was nice enough to bring me the giant binder that had every food item listed in it, so that I could check for wheat allergens. Mom wound up getting a chicken salad with bleu cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette. It only took two tries, because the first one came with breaded chicken tenders on it. Thanks to the girls at the Harborcreek Applebee’s for rocking lunch for us.

We met up with my sister after that and chatted a bit, before heading home. I got carsick, AGAIN, so I tried to sleep, but failed grandly.  Once I got home, I guilted Mariah into coming over to hang out with her tired, bloated Mama.

I’m excited that the bulk of all the crap I have to get done pre-op is about done, at least the stuff involving trips to Erie and taking time off work. I’ll be back at work tomorrow with bells on.

In the meantime, be kind … always.

Linda ❤


3 thoughts on “That wasn’t so terrible, now was it?

  1. I feel your pain on all the travel, my surgeon is 3.5-4 hours away in Greensboro, NC, as are all the testing places and psychologist. But I definitely lucked out not needing as many pre-op tests as other people, so that has helped. Before surgery I’ll have driven to Greensboro 4 times, then I’ll go again for surgery then two weeks later for post-op nutrition and surgeon visits. Hopefully after that the trips will lessen. Too bad can’t do this crap via Skype or online meetings. 🙂

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