Back to the Grind

I’ve had a pretty crappy week or two. First, an update on what’s going on with THAT.

I was perusing my chart on the local hospital’s patient portal, and read my ultrasound report. It said my pancreas, kidney and gall bladder looked normal, but my liver was full of diffuse fatty tissue. That got me to thinking, and reading. I had no idea what fatty liver disease was (but leave it to me get something that REINFORCES that I’m fat!), so I did quite a bit of reading about it, and I think that might be the culprit. Lots of the symptoms are similar to gall bladder/gallstones, including the nausea and upper abdominal pain. If it IS fatty liver, then I’m already doing the things I need to do to reverse, which kind of came as a relief. No surgery for fatty liver unless it’s really advanced, which I don’t believe mine is. Bear in mind, this all me. I haven’t heard anything from either of my doctors yet.

I spent the weekend running to Erie. Saturday, I dropped Mariah off to catch a ride to Cooperstown, NY with some friends from Ohio to see the Avett Brothers and John Prine. (My dream double bill, btw. I introduced Mariah to JP, and she introduced me to AB. :)) We were supposed to be there by 8, but didn’t make it til 8:15, which worked out okay, because they ran into bad weather on their way from Kent. I drove right back home; I pulled in my drive way before 10am.  I hung out at home and watched Orange is the New Black most of our dreary Saturday,  then went back to Erie Sunday afternoon to get the kid.

In the meantime, it appears I got myself a nice, shiny chest cold. Just in time for my EGD on Friday. I reckon I’ll see how I’m feeling on Wednesday and give UPMC a jingle to see if they want to reschedule me or not.

Speaking of Friday, this is an exciting week for me! And busy! I have my first weigh in on Wednesday, after work, the consultation for the sleep study on Thursday morning and , of course, the good old endoscopy on Friday.  I don’t know which thing I’m more nervous about! It’s all exciting stuff, and now that I’m a month in, I feel like it’s really happening!

I’ve struggled with my meal plan a little the last few days. When I don’t feel well, I just want comfort. And when I’m running around, fast food was always super easy. So I have had some fast food, but I tried to make more informed and intelligent choices. The girls and I ordered chinese last night, and I ate about a quarter to a third of my portion. I’ll probably have the same amount for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is “Food Day” at work. Ugh. Everybody brings in food. And we have 28 people working tomorrow, so it’ll be a veritable smorgasbord. Thankfully, a couple of people are bringing in veggies, and I’m taking in some roasted red pepper hummus, so at least I can eat something. I’m really tempted to have a little of Cheryl’s pulled pork, but I’ll behave myself and not overindulge. I’m trying to maintain portion control and not lose my mind. So far, so good.

And Bob is calling me every day. He’s more and more dependent on me as someone to talk to and keep him grounded. I’m still not sure if that’s good or bad.

So that’s that for now. I’ll more to report later this week. Cross your fingers for Wednesday!!

Be kind and love each other. ❤



3 thoughts on “Back to the Grind

  1. Man… You’re rolling along nicely! I know it is a pain (the eating plan) but you can do it. Remember… You’re learning the skills you need to be successful after surgery. You can’t be expected to be perfect everyday right off the bat. You got this, Linda!😍

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  2. As info, my surgeon placed us all on a high protein/low carb diet for two weeks pre-op to shrink our livers. Fatty liver is common with obesity. That may help you. 🙂

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