It’s a Beautiful Day in Pennsylvania….

And I’m not being ironic or sarcastic. Victoria, Jordan and I went to visit my Mom and brother.  The girls got to go visit their horses (and unfortunately, Joie got stepped on) and Tori got a chance to ride Olivia. She looked like a natural.


In the meantime, Mom and I had the chance to have a really good visit.  I think she wants to take me to Erie for my EGD on the 19th, which is really sweet. My dad was sick for many, many years and Mom spent more than her fair share of hours sitting in hospitals. I told her she didn’t have to, for that reason, but she insisted that she wants to, which is a huge relief to me. I know I’m not allowed to drive home after (because I will be sedated) and now I don’t have to scramble to figure something out.

My mother has been such a huge supporter of the cause. I’m so fortunate to have her. I was sitting in a lawn chair on her porch, across from her, and told her that a couple of the girls from work (ones I don’t see daily) said they could see that I have lost weight. Mom said that she could see it too, which really made my day. I knew that girls from work could have just been being polite, but Mom sees me less frequently than they do, and if she saw it, I believed it. Love you, Mommy.

All in all, I think the diet is going pretty well. Still no Diet Pepsi or straws or caffeine, and lots and lots of water. I do fall off the food wagon once in a while, but better now while I’m still retraining my brain than later on when it could have dire consequences (after surgery).

Bob update: he’s still calling me a couple of times a day. He also tells me at least once a day that he really wants to see me. He is still having phantom pain, and went to the doctor yesterday. The doctor told he believed he’s been using the prosthetic too much and needed to take a break. He also prescribed the use of a TENS unit, so hopefully those two things will help eliminate some, if not all, of that terrible phantom pain.

Tonight, Tori and her bf have gone to the stock car races, and I’m beat from sitting out in the sun, so I may try to get to sleep a little earlier than usual tonight. I’ve been eating Ibuprofen like candy because of the pain, so I think staying off it might help. At least I hope so.

Take care of each other and be kind to everyone,

Linda ❤


One thought on “It’s a Beautiful Day in Pennsylvania….

  1. Isn’t it awesome when people can see your hard work?!?😊 Don’t stress so much about “falling off the wagon” after surgery. I believe if you start making changes now and truly make a lifestyle change… It will be easier to continue after the surgery. I totally went high protein/low carb before surgery and that means no rice, bread, potatoes, or pasta… No sweets, etc. I made an Ooey Gooey Butter Cake for my husband today… No desire for it at all. 😊 It will come. So proud of all your progress!!!❤️
    You may have to come up with a different medicine to help with pain after surgery. I cannot take aspirin or ibuprofen. But I know all surgeons are different.
    Keep it up!!!!👍🏼

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