That wasn’t so terrible, now was it?

It’s been pretty quiet on the home front, so I haven’t had much to post. I figured I’d wait until after my trip to Erie for my EGD today.

I ate dinner around 8:30 last night, and then had some water around 11:50, so I would be good to go NPO after midnight. Not going to lie – I’m so used to drinking so much, that by the time I woke up 6 this morning, I was ready for a drink of good ole H2O. Alas, it was not to be until about a.

My alarm went off early so I could call my Mom to make sure she was awake. There was no need, as her dog Lulu woke her up around 4 to get a drink and go out to pee, and then go back to bed. No such luck for Moms.  She told me she’d see me around 8, and I tried to go back to sleep, also failing miserably. I dicked around on the Book of Faces, and go into the shower around 7:40. (With my even shorter hair, my showers take no time at all.) I was out of the shower and in no time, and was pulling my dress over my head at 7:50 when I heard a knock on the door. It was Ma.

The trip to Erie was uneventful, save the fact that I got carsick. I was so nauseous! I thought it may have been nerves, but I got it on the way home too.

Anyhoo, my appointment at Hamot was at 10:00. We got to the valet station at 9:30.  They are remodeling the main entrance, so I had to trudge my fat ass down a few halls and around a few corners, but eventually I found registration. Five minutes after walking in, I was walking out, registered and sporting a lovely bracelet, and heading down to the ground floor to the Endoscopy suite.

I was officially checked into Endo at 9:50. The nurse went over my history, meds, etc. She handed me a cup and asked for a pregnancy test, and I laughed out loud at her, telling her I don’t have that equipment anymore. Yay! for not peenig on my hand!!! She gave me a bag to put my clothes in, and a lovely gown that was too small and told me I needed everything from the waist up off. I changed into my gown and sat down on the gurney to wait.

I’m guessing it was about ten minutes later that the nurse came in to start my IV. She was super nice and we made chit chat while she was sticking me. I told her I was kind of nervous about the procedure because I’d never done anything like that, and she told me no to worry. So I did my best to stay calm.

Once she left, I sat for a while, waiting for the person who was in my procedure room to finish up. (One of the nurses did come in to apologize for the delay, which I thought was pretty nice.)  Another nurse came in and gave me a blanket, which was nice because I was freezing!

Around 11, the girls came back to take me to my procedure room. We were joking about my cane and how hefty it is. One of the nurses asked me if I wanted to stick around and help knock some of the doctors into shape. I told them I was off work the rest of the day, so whatever I could to help. We were all laughing when we got to the room.

Dr Larson, the anesthesiologist, introduced himself to me when I got into the room. He told me the drug they’d use and how he’s monitor my vitals, etc. I’m not sure exactly how, but we ended up talking about Meaningful Use and  ICD-10. I know that UPMC is going to dual code ICD-9 and ICD-10. This is what happens when I get nervous and can’t stop talking!

They hooked me up to the monitors and put the BP cuff back on my arm, then told me to roll onto my left side.  That was about the time Dr Ali came in to talk to me. He went over my history again and asked how I’d been doing. He said it looked like I was getting a lot of my pre-op stuff done, and I told him I was; that aside from the support group meetings, dietician meetings (I’ve had two of the three required already), and the sleep study, everything else was already done. He commended me, and told me the procedure would take just a few minutes and then I’d be off to recovery. I told him I was nervous, but was sure I was in good hands. With that, they put the mouthguard in and in no time, I was out.

I guess it was about fifteen minutes later, I was in recovery. Melissa, the nurse, was taking my vitals, and asked how I felt. I told her I felt great and asked where my Mom was. I was in recovery for about 25 minutes. Matt, the adorable orderly, was wheeling me out to the truck at 12:10. Pretty good time, I think.

Once we left the hospital I called my sister to see when she’d be done with work, so we could connect to give her some fresh eggs from my mom’s chickens. She said it wouldnt be until after 2. With that, we were off to Applebee’s to find some grub (GF for my Mommy and not ridiculously out of bounds calorie-wise for me).  I had cedar grilled lemon chicken with granny smith apple salsa and quinoa and rice pilaf. Holy crap it was so freaking good! 43 g of protein and under 600 calories! Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Or lunch. Whatever.

My only beef with Applebee’s is that they don’t have GF selections listed in their menus. However, one of the servers was nice enough to bring me the giant binder that had every food item listed in it, so that I could check for wheat allergens. Mom wound up getting a chicken salad with bleu cheese and a balsamic vinaigrette. It only took two tries, because the first one came with breaded chicken tenders on it. Thanks to the girls at the Harborcreek Applebee’s for rocking lunch for us.

We met up with my sister after that and chatted a bit, before heading home. I got carsick, AGAIN, so I tried to sleep, but failed grandly.  Once I got home, I guilted Mariah into coming over to hang out with her tired, bloated Mama.

I’m excited that the bulk of all the crap I have to get done pre-op is about done, at least the stuff involving trips to Erie and taking time off work. I’ll be back at work tomorrow with bells on.

In the meantime, be kind … always.

Linda ❤


1 to 10 in 7 days. Is that new math?

Let me preface this post with this – I’m having my EGD on Monday, so no ibuprofen until Monday afternoon. I HURT. I’m trying not to be growly, but sometimes…’s hard.

Back to the post. Today was busy. I had to go to our Seneca office first thing this morning to have a little meeting with the staff about some of our EMR Meaningful Use stuff, so I had my protein shake on the way. I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat a legit breakfast (and don’t most days) so the Breakfast Shake has become routine. Of course, I burped protein for the whole drive down, but I’ll live.

The doctor was late for the meeting (she forgot about it) but otherwise I think it went well. By 10:20am, I was on the road back to the main office (about 60 miles, one way). It was a beautiful drive, and I only got stuck in road construction twice. For those of you unfamiliar with Pennsylvania, we have two season – Winter and Road Construction.

I was back in Warren by noon.  I worked on a couple little things I had left from the day before, took care of some emails and spend the next couple of hours checking insurance eligibilities – 120 medical and 60 vision, give or take. Took me the better part of the afternoon. Then I opened our mail which was thankfully very light today. About a dozen patient payment checks and a letter for the ASC director. Easy Peasy. I deposited the checks, and started in on the next day’s eligibilities.

I had another visit with the nutritionist after work. This every Wednesday afternoon right after work thing seems to work out well for both of us. We went over the good, the bad and the ugly in my food diary (mostly good, but I do love a baked potato!) and chatted a bit about our kids and life in general. When we had our first conversation, she told me she was struggling to get everything set up with her new venture running her own business, because she just wanted to help people eat healthier. She doesn’t much care of the billing part of it. I told her that I would help as much as I could, and she thought that was great, until a week later, when she left a voicemail saying that she appreciated my offer, but she has gotten in touch with her dietician association and they were supposed to be helping her. I figured, no harm no foul, I’ll just go to my appointment. After last week’s one pound loss and my subsequent crying, she thought it would be better to meet weekly. That’s why I went to today. She told me that she’s still struggling with the billing part of it, and if I was still willing to help her, we could take it out in trade. That means I won’t have to come up with $20 a week to see her! Awesomeness!

So once we got that squared away, it was time for the scales. I told her I wasn’t going to get my hopes up. That I had done as well as I could with the groceries in my house.  I stepped on the scale and waited for her (the scale) to tell me my weight.

475  pounds.

I lost ten pounds this week! I am super stoked, and so was Pam! She told me I was definitely doing something right, and to keep up the good work! We made an appointment for next Wednesday, same time, same station.

10 pounds!! I felt soooo much better after this week’s weigh in. Friday is payday, so I’ll make a grocery list with some of the food items she suggested (garbanzo and white beans for protein, rolled oats to make my own granola, more fresh produce to use to make my pastaless primavera with summer squash and zucchini with cherry tomatoes and chicken that I love love love in the summertime!) along with a shaker and protein powder so I can try my hand at making my own shakes.

Also, I’m considering a Sam’s Club membership because I know the protein shakes/powder can be found much cheaper there. We’ll see what the bank account says once the bills are paid.

All in all, a pretty damn good day! Let’s hope next week’s weigh in goes as well as this one!

Have a great day, and don’t forget to be kind….always!

Linda ❤

One More Step…

I went to Erie this morning for my psych eval, which seemed to go very well. I was a little nervous when I saw that my psychologist was a dude, but he turned out to be very nice. The first half hour was spent “talking”. It was very conversational. He asked me questions about myself, and my family. About my background, my medical and psych histories. Then he asked about the surgery. What was I having done? He asked me to explain to him the procedure I was having done. What exactly would the doctor be doing? What sort of time frame for recovery was there? He asked about my support system. Who would be with me post op? He really covered the gamut, but I answered all the questions the best way I could. I’m really not worried about it.

The second half of the appointment was spent taking a test. 165 personality questions. I answered them honestly, so that’s it. I’m not at all worried about it, though. I am confident he’ll recommend me for surgery.

I was hoping to get to see my sister while we were there, but no such luck. She was working. Maybe next time.

So, with that, my consultations are finished! I do have my EGD scheduled for next Monday, and my sleep study is scheduled for July 20th, but the actual face to face consults are done, along with the bloodwork, xrays, and all the other stuff! It’s exciting to think about how fast I got all this stuff taken care of! I’m pretty damn bad-ass!

That’s it for today. I had another weigh-in on Wednesday, but I have a busy week at work, too. Tomorrow, we have a meeting about our practice electronic medical records system, and Wednesday morning, I have to go to our Seneca office to replay all the information for the girls down there. Busy, busy busy!

I’ll post again when I have more to update.

Be kind to each other.

Linda ❤

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is always tough for me. My dad has been gone for just over 4 years now, and I miss him as much today as ever. There is literally not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him.

Mom and Dad

My dad was the kind of guy that everybody liked. He always had a funny story or anecdote, and loved to tease people. It was never mean spirited, at least not intentionally, and everybody loved him, especially his wife, kids and granddaughters.


My dad had a very hard childhood. His parents were hard people. And when we were kids, I don’t remember hearing “I love you” a lot from him, but I knew it. He showed us he loved us in his own way. By letting us ride the riding lawnmower with him, or taking us to Winky’s when he went for his daily dose of coffee and gossip.

He really was a kind and understanding man. When my sister and I were little (like 4 and 5) we decided to climb the ladder to the roof of the barn. (Dad was at work as the local police chief, and Mom was in the house with our baby brother.) To this day, I have no idea why we decided to climb up there. Anyway, once we were up there for a while, I climbed back down the ladder, but Donna was too scared. I tried to talk her down, but she wasn’t having it, so I climbed back up the ladder to the roof so she wouldn’t be scared. You know, when Dad came home, I don’t remember him yelling at us about it at all. He just got us down the ladder.

I remember on the trip to take me to college. My first real memory of him telling me he loved me was on that trip. As we drove through Harrisville, I remember him saying to me “You don’t have to do this. We can go back home.” We all had a laugh over that. We arrived at school shortly after. We had unloaded the van, and were standing out in front of North Hall at Slippery Rock. He put his arm around me, gave me a sideways hug and said “I love you, kid. I’m proud of you.”  I held it together until they were gone, but I’ve never forgotten it.

wedding day with dad

When we stood in the vestibule, waiting for the music cue to start our trip down the aisle, my Dad told me the same thing he said on the way to college. “We can get out of here and go back home if you want to.”  I didn’t.   Later, at the reception, during the Father-Daughter dance, he gave me a hug and told me he loved me. I cried.

I was fortunate enough to give my Dad three granddaughters that he loved very, very much.  My girls’ dad and I were dating when I got pregnant, and I was still living with my parents. When Mom found out, Dad was away working, and I was afraid to tell him, so Mom said she would when he came home from his trip. I hid upstairs while she told him about my pregnancy. I had no idea how he would react to the news, but I figured he’d be pissed, and knew there was a chance that he’d kick me out of the house, so I tried to prepare for the worst.  He walked to the bottom of the stairs, and yelled my name. I answered with a very meek “Yes?”. He said very sternly,  “Did you think I was going to be mad when your mother told me about the baby?” I was already crying, and answered through tears “Yes.”  What came next surprised the hell out of me. He said “Well, I was just talking to one of the guys at work the other day, and told him I thought it was about time I had grandchildren.” That was his way of telling me everything was going to be okay.

so pregnant

My girls were the sun and the stars to my dad. He had cancer for many years, and while he would have loved to see all my girls graduate, get married, and have babies, unfortunately, he was only able to see Mariah graduate from high school before the cancer took him from us.

Dad always worried about my weight. He didn’t ever tell me that, but my Mom told me that as I got bigger and bigger, he got more and more concerned.  I know that he’s looking down at me from wherever he is, and he is proud. He’s proud of the steps I’m taking to lose weight, and make myself healthier. He’s proud of my girls, and how through all the trials and struggles they’ve had to endure in their brief lives, they have survived. Just like he did.  And he’s proud of my Mom, for soldiering on after losing the love of her life, the man she took care of for twenty years.

Wednesday would have been his 75th birthday.  I miss you, Daddy. And I love you.

Edit – When we were kids, one of my Dad’s favorite shows was “Emergency!”. We used to watch it every week. So I decided that I’d spend my afternoon alone watching their reruns. It really did make me feel better.


One is the loneliest number….

I was super pumped this week because I had big plans! Weigh in on Wednesday, sleep study consult on Thursday and EGD on Friday. I was going to get shit done! If only….

Saturday I woke up with a scratchy throat. By Monday, it was a full blown chest cold. Tuesday I was running a fever, and I’d coughed so hard that I thought my ribs had disconnected from my sternum. It hurt, it was annoying, and I felt like crap, but I was still looking forward to weigh in day.

Wednesday morning, I still felt like crap, so I called UPMC Bariatrics, and told Jen I needed to reschedule. I told her this chest cold was pretty bad, and didn’t think it would clear up enough by Friday to have the EGD done. She said it was a good idea to call, because if I’d driven to Erie and sounded even close to how I sounded yesterday, they’d have sent me home. And I would’ve been pissed.  So it is rescheduled for 6/27. Shortly after,  I called Northshore to see if they could see me for my psych eval. They took my name and insurance information and said someone would call me back soon with an appointment. I figured, since everyone told me how hard it was to get in, that I’d be looking at August for an appointment, and I was okay with that.

So I met with the nutritionist after work yesterday. She is super nice! Her name is Pam and her office is literally two miles from my work. Makes the after-work appointment very convenient, especially with the kid borrowing the car so she can go to work while I’m working. She sat down with Tori and I and went over my preliminary information she’d received from Dr Ali’s office, as well as the form I filled out. She gave me some handouts and some really great information. And then it was the moment of truth.

Tori’s phone was blowing up, so she excused herself out to the car. Time for the big reveal. I stepped on the scales and I had lost….

One pound.

One fucking pound. Seriously? I was devastated. I couldn’t believe after all the work I put in over the last five weeks that one pound was all I had to show for it.  Many of you don’t know that when I get mad, I cry. Well, I cried. Pam felt HORRIBLE. I just kept repeating “I busted my ass for five weeks and …one pound?!?” It was bad. I was disappointed. I was embarrassed. I was frustrated.

She told me not to give up. She said to be happy I didn’t gain. She said lots of things to keep me from jumping off the ledge. She gave me a meal plan. She told me she wanted me to take a probiotic because I’m on an antibiotic. She told me she wants me to eat whole grains every day. She said it could be water weight. She told me I could do this, and would! She decided she wanted to see me next Wednesday after work, instead of waiting a month, so I made my appointment and went home, still pouting. Tori and I drove home in near silence except for the occasional “One pound. One freakin pound.”

And then it occured to me….

When I got weighed at Dr Ali’s office, I wasn’t drinking water like I am now.  I went from drinking one liter of Diet Pepsi everyday to between a gallon and a half and two gallons of water. Did you know that a gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds? I know I drank at LEAST 84 ounces of water yesterday while I was at work. That’s almost a gallon and a half.

Now that I’m done with my pity party, I’m hoping that the water is what kept me from appearing to lose. At least, at next weigh in, I’ll be on an even keel as the last one, unlike this week. I shall remain ever hopeful…

On a brighter note, I met with Dr Strassberg this morning for my consult for my sleep study. I was in and out of his office in half an hour. LOVED that. We talked for about fifteen minutes, and I was out the door, with an appointment for a sleep study on July 20th.

Then I went to work. I was only there for 20 minutes when I got a call on my cell phone. I was on the phone with NY Medicaid for work, so I couldn’t answer, but did listen to the voicemail once I hung up. It was Northshore, calling to tell me my psych appointment is MONDAY! I figured I’d be waiting weeks, but nope, they got me right in. It’ll be another day off, but once that’s done, and the EGD, I shouldn’t have to miss anymore work time until I go back to UPMC Bariatrics in September.  Good thing, too. With all the appointments, and with being as sick as I’ve been this year, my vacation/sick/personal days are almost gone.

So this week’s been a mixed bag; I can only hope that next week is better. In the meantime, I just keep on, keeping on.

Stay safe, and love each other.

Linda ❤

Back to the Grind

I’ve had a pretty crappy week or two. First, an update on what’s going on with THAT.

I was perusing my chart on the local hospital’s patient portal, and read my ultrasound report. It said my pancreas, kidney and gall bladder looked normal, but my liver was full of diffuse fatty tissue. That got me to thinking, and reading. I had no idea what fatty liver disease was (but leave it to me get something that REINFORCES that I’m fat!), so I did quite a bit of reading about it, and I think that might be the culprit. Lots of the symptoms are similar to gall bladder/gallstones, including the nausea and upper abdominal pain. If it IS fatty liver, then I’m already doing the things I need to do to reverse, which kind of came as a relief. No surgery for fatty liver unless it’s really advanced, which I don’t believe mine is. Bear in mind, this all me. I haven’t heard anything from either of my doctors yet.

I spent the weekend running to Erie. Saturday, I dropped Mariah off to catch a ride to Cooperstown, NY with some friends from Ohio to see the Avett Brothers and John Prine. (My dream double bill, btw. I introduced Mariah to JP, and she introduced me to AB. :)) We were supposed to be there by 8, but didn’t make it til 8:15, which worked out okay, because they ran into bad weather on their way from Kent. I drove right back home; I pulled in my drive way before 10am.  I hung out at home and watched Orange is the New Black most of our dreary Saturday,  then went back to Erie Sunday afternoon to get the kid.

In the meantime, it appears I got myself a nice, shiny chest cold. Just in time for my EGD on Friday. I reckon I’ll see how I’m feeling on Wednesday and give UPMC a jingle to see if they want to reschedule me or not.

Speaking of Friday, this is an exciting week for me! And busy! I have my first weigh in on Wednesday, after work, the consultation for the sleep study on Thursday morning and , of course, the good old endoscopy on Friday.  I don’t know which thing I’m more nervous about! It’s all exciting stuff, and now that I’m a month in, I feel like it’s really happening!

I’ve struggled with my meal plan a little the last few days. When I don’t feel well, I just want comfort. And when I’m running around, fast food was always super easy. So I have had some fast food, but I tried to make more informed and intelligent choices. The girls and I ordered chinese last night, and I ate about a quarter to a third of my portion. I’ll probably have the same amount for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow is “Food Day” at work. Ugh. Everybody brings in food. And we have 28 people working tomorrow, so it’ll be a veritable smorgasbord. Thankfully, a couple of people are bringing in veggies, and I’m taking in some roasted red pepper hummus, so at least I can eat something. I’m really tempted to have a little of Cheryl’s pulled pork, but I’ll behave myself and not overindulge. I’m trying to maintain portion control and not lose my mind. So far, so good.

And Bob is calling me every day. He’s more and more dependent on me as someone to talk to and keep him grounded. I’m still not sure if that’s good or bad.

So that’s that for now. I’ll more to report later this week. Cross your fingers for Wednesday!!

Be kind and love each other. ❤


Now THAT is a long day!

So as most of you know, I’ve been feeling terrible the last few days. Since my last blog, the pain and nausea seemed to ease up, but mostly because I haven’t been eating.

When I had the attack (flare – whatever) while at work on Tuesday, I called my PCP to see what to do. He wanted to see me this morning, so instead of going to work, I went to Titusville.

My plan was to go to the hospital for my bariatric lab workup before going to see my PCP. (I started fasting right around 6pm last night.) My daughter drove me to the hospital; we arrived around 8:15ish. We waited about fifteen or twenty minutes to be registered, then walked around the corner to the Outpatient Lab. Another fifteen minute wait, and the phlebotomist tells me I have to rest in their presence for fifteen minutes before they can do my Arterial Blood Gas (ABG), and it’s not even my turn yet. I asked if I could have the 18 panels drawn and come back after my appointment for the ABG, but they said no. I then decided to go to my appointment and come back. They assured me that was fine, and they’d put my orders in the computer and have my stickers made (for the vials with the pretty colored tops) when I returned.

Now it’s 9am. We go to my PCP’s office, and get called back to a room right away. The nurse worked me up, told me my blood pressure was a little high, and said the doctor would be in shortly. Along comes 10am, and he walks in, apologizing profusely. (I love my PCP. When he first joined the practice ten or twelve years ago, I was his very first patient. We’ve spent many afternoons in his exam room, either laughing or crying about things. Now my oldest sees him too, and I’m used to him asking me how she’s doing, just as he asks her about me.) He asked how things were, asked about my daughter, and then wanted to know what was going on today. I explained the symptoms I’ve been having and the unknown amount, but significant, weight loss over the last month. He palpated my upper abdomen, which is still very tender, and said he wanted me to have an ultrasound. He said he wanted to put me on an antibiotic for the inflammation in my gall bladder, and said he’d write something up for the reflux, as he thought it possible I could alternately/also have an ulcer. I told him very emphatically NO!, stating that I’m scheduled for an EGD next Friday, and don’t want to do or take anything that might help any erosion. (Some of you may think that’s dumb. Why suffer? But I can suffer through a week of reflux if it means the erosion I already have doesn’t get any better, and helps the cause with the Highmark approval process.) He said okay but just for the week. I agreed. I also showed him the list of bloodwork panels Dr. Ali had ordered and he was stunned! Impressed, but surprised. I told him if there was anything he thought I might need in addition to the list, and he said no, everything he would’ve ordered was already ordered. I asked him if it was possible to get my EKG at the hospital, and he said yes, so I decided to go ahead and get everything done today, so I wouldn’t have to take another day off work. With that, we left for the hospital.

At the hospital, though I was already registered for my bloodwork/ABG, I had to register for everything else: the ultrasound, the chest xrays and EKG. From registration, we went to Imaging for the u/s and xrays. The tech that did my imaging said that she didn’t see any gallstones, but said it was possible for it to be diseased without them. I might have to have a HIDA scan if my symptoms continue. She also did my xrays, which were easy peasy.

Then a very nice lady from SPU came over and took me there for my EKG. While there, she told me about her son who had Gastric Bypass 15 months ago, and who has lost 200 pounds (going from 550 to 345). She said the best piece of advice she could give me was do everything the doctors said, and I replied that I was trying very hard to do just that.  The EKG took all of five minutes, then I went back to the lab.

The phlebotomists at Titusville are very sweet ladies. I never stopped talking, and they were both very kind and willing to answer all my questions. They had to call in a third woman to do my ABG, and as one of them was putting on my tourniquet for the blood draw, she said I could sit in the chair I was in and wait for 15 minutes for the ABG. In the meantime, I watched them dig around for a vein for quite a while, and then draw 10 tubes of blood. TEN!! I was surprised I didn’t feel light headed. (They did offer me juice, but I declined.)

Not the actual tubes (there were twice that many) or my actual blood.

Not the actual tubes (there were twice that many) or my actual blood.

I sat quietly in the chair and watched them go about their work until the ABG lady came in. I told her about my day, and that this was what I was least excited about. My mother had DVT when I was in high school, and I can remember hearing her cry every time they came in to do an ABG. I was nervous, for sure, but she was very sweet and calming. The other lady, who had an English accent, came over to talk to me and keep me calm, I think. It took a bit for her to find the artery, and once the needle was in, she had to fish around a bit for it, but it only took a minute and then it was over. I’m not going to say it didn’t hurt, but it was more pressure than anything. I’m just glad it’s done.  After that, I went to work. By the time I got there (the hospital is an hour away), it was 2:00pm. Hardly worth it to go in, but I did anyway.

So now, it’s been almost 25 hours since I last ate. I did drink some water this afternoon, but there is a part of me that is afraid to eat. And if I do eat, I have to try and make sure it’s something that doesn’t make me sick.  I’d love a cheeseburger but it’ll probably be non-fat yogurt and fruit.  Maybe a little granola on top? Woo hoo look at me, living dangerously.

So that’s my update. I don’t really know a lot more now than I did before. I think the test will be how I react to food tonight and over the weekend.  If there’s any justice, it’s just a flare, that’s almost over. Cross your fingers.

Be kind to each other and be well,

Linda ❤