TGIFF: Thank goodness it’s Freakin’ Friday!

What a very long week, but it ended beautifully.  I had called the nutritionist, Pam English, a few days ago to tell her I’d need to reschedule my first appointment with her, as I didn’t realize when I had initially made my appointment that Dr Ali would have Weight Check #1 at his office. I’m trying to make sure I have all my t’s crossed and i’s dotted so that when it comes time to submit, everything goes through without a hitch.

She called me back this morning. SHE IS WONDERFUL!! We had such a great conversation! First off, she had no problem changing my appointment out two weeks so that I’m on schedule to have Weight Check #2 on day that the insurance company would find more appropriate. Secondly, she is just SO easy to talk to about everything! I explained to her what I’ve been doing since my appointment two weeks ago; cutting out pop (soda to some), cutting out caffeine, stopping the use of straws, increasing my protein intake and decreasing my portion size and caloric intake (I was right around 1000 – 1300 calories per day). I explained to her that I had received the weight record sheets from Dr Ali’s office that have to be filled out from our monthly check ins, and I saw some of the things that we needed to change over the next six months. I told her that I figured it would be easier to make those changes early on so that when it came to time have surgery, I’d be ready for those changes to be for forever, instead of having to struggle with them. I explained how determined I am to make sure I have this surgery, that I’m going to do it right, and make sure the insurance company KNOWS that I’m ready for this. She told me that it was great that I am so focused on making the changes necessary to get approved for my surgery.

I was thrilled to hear such wonderful feedback! I knew I was doing the right things, but to hear it from her just validated everything for me!

We talked a bit about her practice, and how there are so many governmental hoops to jump through when doing so. She knew from our first conversation that I have a background dealing with insurances, and we discussed that a bit, when I told her that if there was anything I could to help her, I absolutely would. And I will. So who knows? I could end up with a part time job! 🙂

I’m so very excited about what the next six months will bring. I wish it were February already. Not because I’m afraid to  do the work the next months will bring; I’m not scared at all. But because I feel so ready to do this. To make the changes, and have the surgery and get on to my healthier life!

Please be kind to each other, and enjoy your weekend with people you love.

Linda ❤


9 thoughts on “TGIFF: Thank goodness it’s Freakin’ Friday!

  1. This is wonderful! I’m so happy that things are progressing nicely. It takes ONE kind person to make the process seem easier!
    I know what you mean about wanting the time to pass and be here. Once I finally made the decision and was ready…. I was READY!😊 I can’t wait for you either!!

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