It’s hell being popular!!

When I went to see Dr Ali last week, I came home with a laundry list of orders for testing and bloodwork that needed done before my next appointment with him in September. Included in that list were an Endoscopy (EGD) and sleep study.

Well, imagine my surprise when I look through today’s mail and find an envelope from the Seneca Sleep Disorder Center, based at Warren Hospital and UPMC Hamot. My sleep study is scheduled for June 18th and I have to be there at 9:45am. My EGD is scheduled on June* 19th. at 10:30; I have to be there at 9:30 to register.

I’ve never had either of those procedures, so I don’t know how this is going to work. Do I sleep all day on Thursday? Then get on the road before 8 to be in Erie by 9:30?  I hate the idea of missing two days of work in a row, but I guess that’s just how it goes.

If anyone has any insight about the sleep study, I would very much appreciate the information. It reminds me that I need to get all the other junk done too. 17 blood panels. Xrays. ABG. EKG. Happy happy, joy joy. BUT, I know that they’re just steps on my journey to a new me, and I’d run there if I could.

I’m nervous about the tests, as I suppose anyone would be, but I’m anxious to have them behind me, so I can keep on moving forward to my goal- a happier and MUCH healthier life!

Be kind, Always.

Linda ❤

PS – A very special shout out to my supervisor, Cheryl. She is a wonderful person, and we are all lucky to have her. She is the glue that keeps our surgery center together. Thank you so much for this morning. I really needed it. And I’m sorry I made you cry.

*Edited – because I’m a dumbass.


7 thoughts on “It’s hell being popular!!

  1. 17 blood panels? Geez thats a lot of blood work and hopefully not 17 needle stabs either! The sleep study I guess is to check if you snore or stop breathing when your sleeping or not I am thinking. So the sleep study you will have to stay overnight correct? Well good luck and yes its the next steps to the new and healthier you!!!! 🙂

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  2. Your post says june 18th and then July 19th…. Just making sure you know that since you said you have to be at one and then go to the other appt the next day. I hope it all works out for you! You’re in my prayers!

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  3. on the sleep study: a former doctor had me do one. a little machine was delivered to my front door; the gentleman showed me how to attach the clip to my finger. while I slept in my own bed, info was gathered by the machine and the man came back the next morning to pick it up. On the other hand, my sister (who was diagnosed with sleep apnea) stayed overnight in a medical facility while under observation. so who knows what they will require of you…Good luck on all the appointments; I, too, was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the bucket-load of people who suddenly want to see me!


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