Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m not much for holidays. My grandma passed away the day before Thanksgiving ten years ago, and I just don’t feel like celebrating it. Since my dad died, the only reason I do a Christmas at all is for my kids. If their dad wasn’t such a lameass,  I’d just have the girls go his house for Christmas. (They do go to my ex mother in laws, and have a good time, so for that, I’m glad.)  Father’s Day and Dad’s birthday are both really hard for me. But Mother’s Day? I still have a Mom and I love her so much, even if I don’t tell her all the time.

I know I don’t talk to my mother as much as I should. I try. I tell myself at work that I’ll call her when I get home. Problem is, I get home, and I am so beat, that I wind up sleeping for a few minutes. After that I feel like I’m running on fumes. The Book of Faces has made things a little better, in that, if I decide at 530 am I want to tell my mom something, so I don’t forget, I can do that. The problem is, once she reads it, she forgets about it. Kind of an out of sight, out of mind deal.

Anyway, Mom called me this morning before 9am, which was fine, as I had been up far earlier than that. We firmed up the plans to go to Dr Ali’s on Wednesday, and talked about my Uncle Marv, who passed away Friday. We also reminisced about my dad and his siblings before hanging up. I’m really looking forward to spending part of Wednesday with her.


Mom and Captain – he’s getting a foot soak

A couple of hours later, I got a notification from Facebook that my daughter Mariah had posted something on my wall. I loved, and immediately commented. She called me, and now she’s on her way over to do laundry and bring lunch.

Here is the post :


I really am a lucky duck.

Be kind and love one another,

Linda ❤


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