Status: Feeling Accomplished

My knee was really bothering me yesterday, so I iced it last night, and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, I woke up this morning and it was huge. So at 6:45, I texted one of my supervisors and told her that I was going to stay off it today, ice it, and try to make some headway in regard to my weight loss surgery tasks.  She told me it wasn’t a problem, and to keep it up. So I am.

I had several calls I wanted to make today. I didn’t say I wanted to make the appointments today, because that’s a given. I am, however, realistic, and know that just because I called today, doesn’t mean I’m going to get anything scheduled, but I did take the first step.

Here’s my progress so far today:

  1. Filled out the nutritionist questionnaire.
  2. Called the nutritionist and left a message stating that I had received her number from Valerie at UPMC Bariatrics, and my intention to have gastric bypass surgery, and my desire to utilize her services for my monthly weigh-ins in addition to my required nutritionist meetings that are part of the process. I left a message requesting a return call.
  3. Called the contact number for the woman who runs the month support group meeting. If I can go to meetings here (which are located just a couple of blocks away from my apartment), it’ll save me six trips to Erie to the support group at the convention center.  Left a message.
  4. Called to set up my psych eval. I spoke to a very nice woman who stated I had to be transferred to the “referral line” and said I should leave a message, which I did.

HOPEFULLY, I’ll get a call back from SOMEONE today, althought I don’t expect it to be psych. They warned me in the message that it may be days before I get a return call.

My appointment with Dr. Ali is next Wednesday at 4:00pm in Erie. The plan is to work until around 1:30, then drive up to his office. (I’m always super early, and I wanted to give myself enough time to account for school buses. I’m such a nerd.) I kind of wish I had someone to go along with me, but I’m going to look at it as another step in my walk to weight loss and independence.

I’m still super stoked about having surgery, and even the process leading up to it. I just wish my knee didn’t hurt so bad. I keep telling myself that with any luck, this time next year, I’ll be getting ready to have my knee replaced. Fingers crossed anyway.

3 thoughts on “Status: Feeling Accomplished

  1. SO Sorry to hear your knee is hurting. Sounds like your still keeping a ‘positive outlook’ on everything and THAT is important. Praying and hoping for a speedy recovery on your knee. Hang in there, first step has been made~now it’s close to ‘one’ of your finish-line-goals 👍 Before too long you’ll be over that one and prepped up to reach the next one. It must be exciting for you and I’m so happy your achieving what you want 😋🙏🌹🌹


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