Twelve more days…

Twelve more days until I get to meet up with my surgeon. Dr Ali. He did the seminar I attended and he just seems like a wonderful, thoughtful doctor. I have a million questions in my head, but I think the first I’m going to ask him is …

“Why did you decide to specialize in Bariatric/Weight Loss Surgery?”

I’m anxious to find out the answer.

Over the years, I’ve transformed from the shy, quiet  wallpaper I tried to be in high school to a more outspoken, dare I say even salty, loudmouth I am today. I’m not afraid to ask questions. It’s the only way to find out the answers!

Hopefully, next week, I’ll have the chance to call the nutritionist to get that meeting set up. Valerie at Dr Ali’s office sent me a packet of GREAT information, with some links to videos I can watch online about the different surgeries, and the many aspects of each procedure. So much information! But I’m soaking it all up like a sponge. 🙂

I get more excited about it every day. I’m like a little kid, waiting for Christmas!


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